single on valentines day?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentines Day. To some people, it's a daunting holiday. If you're single it can be a big eye roll.

I have never been in a relationship over Valentines Day or even had a special someone in my life to spend it with. When I was in high school it was whatever, but when I got to college is when I really started to feel lame about it. Almost all of my close college friends had significant others or some sort of someone in their lives that they had special plans with on the day. It made me feel lousy, honestly, and even a little annoyed.
Situations like that can make you feel a little apathetic, and can sometimes send you spirally out of control down a rabbit hole of "why me"-type thoughts. Hopefully I'm not the only one who has felt that way before.. but as I've gotten older I have found a great appreciation for Valentines Day. I view it as a day to spoil the people around me that i love the most. A day to make cards, cookies, cupcakes, send packages of goodies to close friends, do something extra special for my parents, etc.

Maybe you are like me and have found yourself to feel a little lousy about being single on valentines day, and that's okay. If that is you, I wanted to encourage you with this.

I encourage you to not spend the day sitting around being upset that you don't have a significant other. Pick yourself up and do something for YOU.
it's okay to go buy yourself flowers.
it's okay to try out a new fancy recipe for yourself.
it's okay to put on an outfit that makes you feel really great about yourself.
Don't think that just because you are single on Valentines Day that that means no one loves you. Or that you aren't deserving of nice things or good things. You are so deserving!! And I encourage you to respect yourself enough to believe that.

You don't need another person to make you happy, or to have an enjoyable valentines day. Make the most of it. Do something nice for yourself, and use this day to show some extra love to your closest friends/family.
If you need some ideas of things to do, I have compiled a short little list for you:

- Invite a friend over for dinner
- Watch your favorite movie
- Make your favorite dessert
- Buy yourself or someone else flowers
- Do something you don't get to do on a normal day
- Go check out that coffee shop you've been wanting to try

Just to name a few. Point being, I encourage you to spend the day doing something that makes you happy, and something that makes you feel loved.

Something that I like to do as a nice special treat to myself is to try new coffee or tea based drinks. I made one special for Valentines Day this week and wanted to share it with you! It's delicious, and I don't think you will be disappointed!
I hope you enjoy! Happy Valentines Day everyone :) 

thoughts on self care

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Self care has been on my mind lately. Mostly what it means to me. There is so much stuff on the internet about self care, and ways to do, and things to buy to achieve the "best" form of self care. But my thought lately has been.. 'what does self care look like for me personally?' With so much being put out there online about it, I think it can be hard for us to form our own opinions and form our own thoughts. It's great to look online for inspiration, and to even get ideas from others and such, but when it comes to SELF care, I personally think that that is something that is unique and looks different for everyone. 

We've all seen the Pinterest posts saying "self care isn't selfish." And while that's true, I think our society makes it selfish. I don't think that we should view self care as something that we need to share with the world. My generation has a big problem of feeling the need to make everything Instagram worthy. And if something isn't, we pretty it up so that we can post the absolute best version of whatever it is we are doing, even if in reality it doesn't look that glamorous. I know for me personally, I find myself seeing peoples self-care posts on instagram and think to myself 'ugh, I wish I had a pretty blanket like that one' or 'why can't my bedroom set up be that perfect?' or 'I wish I had a picture perfect latte and work setup right now so that i could be just as productive as that person.' When I think back on thoughts like that, I kind of laugh at myself, because its like... wait what? 

Anyone can make something look good online. And the concept of self care isn't about doing something that says hey world look at me im doing something cool! Self is care is about doing something that makes YOU happy. Something that brings YOU joy and a sense of fulfillment in some way. If you are spending all of your self care time waiting for likes and comments on your post, you aren't truly letting yourself fall into a state of relaxation, rest, or feeling recharged. 

I think that we all (meaning, everyone in the world.. myself included) need to learn how to put our phones down and live in the moment. 

Recently I discovered the Screen Time thing on my iPhone. Basically it tallies up ho much time you spend on your phone, and tells you how long you specifically spent on certain apps. If you have never looked at this, or turned this on.. I highly encourage you to! It really woke me up to the reality of how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling. As I figured, most of my time was spent on social media apps. And don't get me wrong, I love Instagram! I love getting to share experiences and photos with the people that care to see them, and I enjoy seeing other peoples posts about their lives or businesses or just pretty pictures they've been taking. I also find a lot of inspiration and creativity through certain accounts that I follow, but I also feel like Instagram is where I do most of my comparing. She's way prettier than me, they have so much more money than me to do cool things with, I wish i could go on a vacation that nice, I wish my room was as cute as theirs, I wish I had those clothes, they're such a better photographer than I will ever be. Toxic. It's toxic. 
There's a setting within the Screen Time feature where you can set time limits on certain apps. I decided to give this a try this week by setting a time limit of 45 minutes on social networking apps. After the 45 minutes are up, it basically locks me out of the app. You are given the option to ignore the limit for 15 minutes at a time or you can choose to ignore it for the rest of the day.. so you aren't entirely locked out of it, and you always have to option to just go in to your settings and turn it off completely. But I tried to have some self discipline and really push myself to be diligent, and really only use the 45 minutes. The first day, I was so annoyed haha. It wasn't even 9am yet and I had used the 45 minutes. Locked out for the entirety of the day. I selfishly thought, what am I supposed to do while I eat breakfast if I can't go on instagram? What will i do during my lunch break? 

Again... I laughed at myself for thinking these thoughts. Even typing them now I feel ashamed and embarrassed for ever even thinking like that! Because it seems so silly. 

I decided to start using those times as self care times. The time when I would normally be numbing out everything around me, every thought in my mind, and every situation going on in my life currently by scrolling through an app.. I started using to do things that brought me a little more joy. Things that made my mind work a little bit. Things that make me think more creatively and things that challenge me a little more. And ultimately.. things that wouldn't cause me to compare myself so much to someone else. I started reading while I eat breakfast in the morning. Talking to my co-workers more at lunch. Spending time with my family in the evening uninterrupted by a phone. Thinking of more creative things to do with my time is a very freeing thing. 

Self care doesn't always have to be bubble baths, face masks, and spoiling yourself by spending a bunch of money. Sometimes it can, because we all deserve it sometimes, but we don't need to be doing that all the time. I encourage you to remember that self care is about you. It's a personal thing. It might not look like someone else's, and really, it shouldn't. It's okay to put your phone down every now and again and just disconnect and unwind and quiet your mind for a little bit. It's okay to truly let yourself recharge by just being offline. By just being by yourself or spending time with a loved one or a good friend. uninterrupted by what's going on on the internet. 
Something I've learned by being online less is that I really don't care that much. Earlier in the week when i first started cutting back on my screen time I definitely felt like I was going to miss something. I don't know what exactly I thought that I would be missing.... but I just had a fear of being left out on some sort of information. By Friday I didn't have the desire to pick up my phone and just veg out after work and get caught up with all the thousands of posts that I missed during the week. The desire to go online decreases when you start filling your time with more things that makes your heart happy. 

The point of this post is to encourage you. To encourage you to live life and not feel the constant need to post it online. If it's an important life event, or something super exciting or just a cool thing you want to share.. go for it! I'm not at all against instagram here, like I said up there i love instagram! I just wanted to encourage you to not be afraid to put your phone down. I was, for a long time, and thats why i wanted to share my experience in decreasing my screen time, and implementing more daily self care techniques into my life. Do what makes you happy. Not what you think other people want, or what other people say should make you happy.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

After some time away and a lot of life changes (all good things, don't worry!) I have *finally* made up my mind about this little blog. To give some context.. and just be honest and open with you all.. I have been at a loss of what to do with this page. Which is why it's been unused and untouched since early December. I have always viewed this blog as nothing more than a creative outlet. But when I found myself comparing and feeling like I wasn't measuring up to other, very successful, and aesthetically pleasing blogs, I fell into a slump. A slump of 'what the heck am I ACTUALLY doing here.' I was saying it was a creative outlet, but I wasn't doing anything creative with it. I was trying to compete with other, better, bloggers. Bloggers who put time and money and a lot of hard work into their blogs. Blogging is not my job. I don't think that it ever will be, no matter how appealing that may look, I never see myself turning this into a business and that truly was never the goal - 

When I was in high school I started a blog where I would write small devotional-type posts. Putting my whole heart into them brought me so much joy, even if it was only my mom reading them. But recently I came to the realization that this blog doesn't bring me much joy. Trying my hardest to come up with content and scouring Pinterest for the top 1,000 blog topics of the year was getting really annoying. And that's not what I wanted this to be. I didn't want this blog to be annoying to me -

So I have decided to go back to basics. To use this blog for what I have always wanted it to be.. a place for me to share my heart. My thoughts on life. Encouragement. A place to be open and to be honest and to connect in whatever way I can with you who are reading this. To be real. To let you know that you are not alone in this or that. Back to basics. Back to what brings my heart JOY

So, to whoever you are out there reading this.. (hi mom).. I hope that you continue to follow along. 

Thanks for reading.

Gifts under $20

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Holidays are here! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Before we know it it's going to be Christmas morning! I feel slightly unprepared for the holidays, but I think I feel like that every year. There's always that moment of stress and wondering what you're going to get everyone, along with how you're going to budget for the gifts you have to and want to buy. I am the kind of person who goes above and beyond with gift giving. I get way too caught up in making a bunch of small gifts all go together to create a big themed gift... and it can get a little crazy, not to mention pricey!

GF Thanksgiving recipes

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I love the Holidays. Once November hits, I am in full blown holiday mode. I may or may not have already listened to Christmas music a few times..
When I first became gluten free I was really stressed about the holiday meals. I am a big foodie, and the thought of not being able to indulge in some of my favorite side dishes and desserts was really upsetting! It may sound silly - but if you've ever had to cut out a food group, you know that it can affect you in a strangely emotional way! - Since I've gone gluten free (it's been about 3 and a half years now) I have made it a point to try and find some really great gluten free dishes. I thought I would share some with you, whether you are gluten free, or have a family member or friend who is!

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